Arctic Monkeys, Best Kept Secret Festival

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Psycho (1960)

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James McAvoy in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Trailer

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Alex enjoying a cigarette before performing at MSG 08.02.13
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“That’s my best friend, Vada Sultenfuss. Most of the girls don’t really appreciate her and a lot of the guys are a little afraid of her. But she’s more fun to be around than anyone I know. This summer though, things are changing for everyone. Her father just found someone and her grandmother just lost her marbles. No wonder Vada’s acting so funny. They say sometimes when you get older, friends stop being friends. But not Vada and me. She’ll always be my girl.

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Alex Turner looking like a confused little boy onstage as he takes in the sight of the huge crowd cheering the band on [x]

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arctic monkeys’ humbug hair - palasharp, 2010 +

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Opaque  by  andbamnan